facetheMusic GameStats allows you to generate HTML pages of statistics from Counter-Strike 1.6 matches by inputting a regular server log file. No server plugins or commands are needed (just make sure logging is on).

It is a beta, so use at your own risk. There may be bugs.
Please email me or pm me on IRC any problems you find and maybe I'll get around to fixing them someday.

I have released a new version that has a real GUI and can accept input from either 1 or 2 log files. It does exactly the same thing but is easier to use and nicer-looking. It also "experimentally" supports CZ and CS:S as well as 1.6. If you have any trouble running this you should make sure you have the .NET framework installed.

Example | Readme | Download v2.01 (GUI version) | Download v1.6

Tutorial for Downloading Server Logs

idle #team-ftm if you <3 us :)